Stitch Fix Algorithms Explainers

2017 & 2020

Stitch Fix is a remarkable place to work as a data scientist. To help explain what we do and how we do it, I have worked with our Chief Algorithms Officer(s) to develop these:

Algorithms Tour (2017)

How data science is woven into the fabric of Stitch Fix
Eric Colson, Tarek Rached, Brian Coffey, Liz Cruz

Cultivating Algorithms (2020)

How we grow data science at Stitch Fix
Eric Colson, Brad Klingenberg, Brian Coffey

With the Algorithms Tour, we also open sourced the code and released a series of blog posts describing how it was made: an overview of process and structure, a description of the Tour's use of simulations, and a description of some of its micro-animations. In each post, we provide some code examples to help clarify how we did things and to provide starting points for other such narrative animations using D3.

Most of the code snipits can also be found via my blocks homepage, with the exception of the scrollytelling starting-point code, which is available here and viewable here.

The Algorithms Tour was shortlisted for the 2017 Information is Beautiful Awards.